Data Enrichment Service

Data Enrichment Service

Publishers, information service companies, manufacturing and government organizations, law publishers are using our "Data Enrichment Services" to generate "Rich Data Products". The objective is to structure their own content into granular forms and be in a position to offer a wide variety of information to key decision makers.

Smart companies are merging these granular pieces of information in a wide variety of ways into "Rich Data Products" and opening up multiple revenue streams.

Components of DES

If you think you got content that can be structured into innovative ways, our DES team can assist you in "data analysis", "data modeling" and converting it into a revenue stream. Indexing, abstraction, conversion, image processing, XML tagging, parsing , matching, web mining , merging and deduping technologies assist in generation of the high quality atomic, granular pieces of information which can be strung together into various "Rich Data products"

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