Business Support Services

Business Support Service

BSS service is the latest addition to the service offerings from DPH. This offering is a result of our clients demanding more than just processing services. We now allow businesses to perform business functions that were traditionally done "in-house" to be executed by our client offices located in our premises. These offices are equipped as per the client specific needs and are managed by us, thanks to high speed networks and collaborative applications.

We facilitate even the smallest of the companies globally to expand operations into India and other parts of the world by making use of the BSS services from India. This is exactly the opposite of virtual offices where companies expand into high cost regions using virtual offices for presence and communication, sharing the costs amongst a host of companies. These virtual offices allow use of office addresses and a receptionist to answer calls and the use meeting places.

At the lowest end our clients could use our resources to setup a virtual office using our address and a receptionist answering the calls and emails. But the real benefit would accrue when the virtual office does significant amount of manual work to support the offices in high cost areas and allowing the virtual offices to be more than just post offices.

We recommend a right combination of offices, virtual offices and BSS offices to expand business globally. We are looking for partners to expand our BSS capability and for partners globally offering virtual offices to supplement it with BSS services. With our BSS services you could even setup a scalable disaster management office.

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