Why us

Why US

Our highly skilled professionals and 25 years of experience in data processing business has enabled DPH to have an edge over its competitors. To support your interests and to respond as fast and as efficient as possible to your demands, DPH has set up a team of motivated experts. Our team works as a one stop shop and its duties are to present you with the data solutions corresponding to your needs.

Process Flow

Initial Discussion

Project requirements, software specifications , keying specifications , input layout , dispatch structure are discussed with client after receiving projects.

Project Analysis and Sample entry

Once project specifications are decided. Our team analyses the whole project and gives feedback to our client. If the client gets satisfied, we receive sample data , which is processed at our end and forwarded to client for further feedback . Once reaching to mutual agreement our team starts working on the project.

Project Specific Software Development

On client's demand software is developed at our end. As for most of our projects , we have developed customized software , ensuring faster implementation and higher accuracy.

Project Processing

Entry , Verification , Quality Checking and Packing are four characteristic steps involved in project processing. Throughout the working of the project, proper communication with our client is maintained.