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For the past 25 years , we are into data processing handling major projects and delighting our clients with our high-quality , time-bound and cost-effective services . Some of our major projects are as follows :
>> Yellow pages and White pages Directory Keying
DPH India has extensive experience in providing directory publishers with yellow pages keying services for any yellow pages directory (US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA). Typical Information capture includes headings, advertisers name, addresses, phone numbers, UDAC codes, UDAC Rates, URLs, Email Addresses, page numbers, directory code, and much more as per client needs. We can provide output in various formats commonly used in the Yellow pages publishing industry along with any client specific formats. Various technologies combined with human resources deployed in the production yield high accuracy at competitive costs.
>> Automation of National Polio Surveillance Project, client : World Health Organization
This application was developed by us specifically for WHO , the United Nations specialized agency for health.This is an ongoing project in which we are required to do indexing of polio forms. The benefit of this project is that the Ministry of Health is able to access, search and retrieve documents much more efficiently.
>> Digitization of Minutes, Client : Parliament of India
Highest Legislative Body of the Nation, Parliament Of India as also availed and trusted our services. We have digitized minutes information for tenth LokSabha for continuously five years and this has given us highest pride of being a credible organization.
>> Digitization Of Judgments, Client : Supreme Court of India
We have done this image digitization project for Highest Legal Authority of the Nation, Supreme Court Of India . In this project we digitized all the judgment statements between 1950 and 1994. Confidentiality and security of data was ensured to the fullest. Input was in the form of scanned images, around 15 million in number, and output was in the form of text files.
>> Automation Of Passport Index Cards, Client : National Informatics Center
IC has also availed our services. DPH with its specialized team was selected for this sensitive and prestigious project amongst a host of other Indian companies. We had received data in the form of hard copy and were required to send output in the form of text file. For this we designed and developed a system to scan and capture relevant information from passport index cards. Data was processed, indexed, and converted in the output format specified by the NIC Officials. This system is used to retrieve and access information by our client.
>> Automation Of Passport Application Forms, Client : National Informatics Center Services Incorporation
In this Image Digitization project we were required to digitize Passport Applications Forms and then link them to their respective databases. We designed and developed a system to scan passport application forms with their supporting documents and then capture relevant information. Finally databases were created which were linked with their respective scanned application forms.
>> Legal Document Coding
Legal document coders work with legal records and paperwork. They encode documents into database systems to make the information accessible later to attorneys during litigation. Document coders can work from home or directly for legal services companies.
>> Other Developed Applications
Project : Financial Statement
This system was designed to computerize financial statements. The system computerizes trial balance, financial and party ledgers, balance sheet and profit and loss statements. It became easy for our client to access any information regarding profit and loss, assets and liabilities of a particular company.
Project : Chemical Water Analysis Information System
This system was designed to process chemical water analysis information contained on microfiche cards. the system apart from scanning was used for extracting information from microfiche cards.
Project : Agreement Statement System
This system was designed to process hire agreements. The basic input was in the form of image files. Relevant information is captured and then indexing of hire agreements was done. Finally, output was generated in the form of text files.

Our Clients


 Great work, I really appreciate your effort on this. We are very pleased with the work you have done 

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