Our Services

Business Support Services

Business Support Services

BSS service is the latest addition to the service offerings from DPH. This offering is a result of our clients demanding more than just processing services We now allow businesses to perform business functions that were traditionally done "in-house" to be executed by our client offices located in our premises. These offices are equipped as per the client specific needs and are managed by us, thanks to high speed networks and collaborative applications.

Data Enrichment Services

Data Enrichment services

Publishers, information service companies, manufacturing and government organizations, law publishers are using our "Data Enrichment Services" to generate "Rich Data Products". The objective is to structure their own content into granular forms and be in a position to offer a wide variety of information to key decision makers.

Web Mining Services

Web Mining

As most of the information is now available on the web our clients have a great need to identify , filter, collate, classify, summarise information gathered from the web. Our Web Mining Services precisely offer these services. We are expanding the range of Web Mining services on a continual basis based on client needs. .

Data Processing Services

Data Processing

DPH has been offering data processing services based on its TIPOT methodology. Some of the popular services in the data processing field are Data Entry, Data Cleansing, Data Standardization, Image Processing, Billing, Logistic Support and Payroll Processing.

Data Quality Moniotring Services

Data Quality Monitoring

DPH also provides data quality monitoring services of data processing work done in-house/outsourced. Monitoring of data quality, service quality is an important task which is best done in-house when the volumes are low. However with the increase in volumes of data the quality monitoring becomes an expensive process in itself.

Big Data Services

Big Data

The newest addition to the list of services that DPH provides is Big Data Solution and Services. Traditional data processing applications are inadequate for large and complex data sets termed Big Data. DPH helps it’s clients to overcome challenges like data curation, transfer, storage, visualisation and information privacy by using advanced methods to extract value from data. This helps in accuracy and leads to better decision making, which further leads to reduced risk, operational efficiency and cost reduction.